"Building a lasting foundation"


Chelsea Harders

   Chelsea has been showing and working with horses now for 13 years. In those 13 years she has had the privilege and gained much knowledge by working with industry professionals such as Carl Wood (Colorado), NCHA Professional Logan Ginkens (Iowa), and NRHA Professional Sean Johnson (Oklahoma). She has also had the pleasure of being able to scribe alongside NRHA Professional, NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee, FEI and NRHA Judge Doug Milholland. Chelsea currently holds 2 FQHR World Champion titles.

    When Chelsea works with horses whether young or aged, she gains respect on the ground and gains control of each body part (head, shoulders, ribs, and hips) separately under saddle. Once she has gained steady control of all these body parts, she starts getting them to work together as one and setting the foundation for advanced maneuvers and exercises. Once the foundation is good she starts getting them soft and responsive. This will help the horse in doing what's asked. They perform at their best at this point. Chelsea will start on the basics of many maneuvers. Once the basics have been accomplished, she takes it step by step to create one fluid motion. She has worked with and is competing in reining, ranch riding, and versatility ranch horse in the AQHA.

   She has been showing since she was 13 and knows what it takes for the horse to reach their potential. Chelsea has been doing extensive showing in the AQHA and FQHR. Once she feels the horse is ready to show and take on that task, she will show them to their full potential. Chelsea not only shows, but she also does a lot of ranch work. She has gone on cattle drives, and taken horses/participated at brandings.